Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't touch it, it's evil

A busy weekend for me. The hordes of old menonnites have come and gone. The wedding shower went well, and I am amazed to say that although there was over 40 people in the house yesterday, there is no trace of them other than a bit of leftover food. J took off with a book, the iPod and a lawnchair and hung out with the gophers by the river while the house was invaded by women (lucky). J's sister was happy and felt very loved, and that is what counts I suppose. I feel bad saying it though, but I'll be happy when the wedding is over next's been a busy time, not to mention expensive...ah well, you only get married once right? (well hopefully)

On friday night J and I went out with his old coworkers to a few local bars. It was a fun evening - they're all a great bunch of people to hang out with. I hope it all works out in the end, as J really enjoyed working there, and they're a fun group to hang out with even outside of work. It did everyone some good to blow off a bit of steam. There were paper hats (made out of the want ads) and plenty of beer for all. We even tried to put mentos in a bottle of Coke to make a fountain but we somehow screwed it up...a bit of a let down really, it only erupted about 4 inches. All in all, a fun time

Saturday night J, Lowell and I watched Time Bandits. I forgot just how fantastic that movie is. It was hard to track down on DVD, but I'm glad we did. The imagination and creativity in that film is just midboggling...makes you feel like a kid again. The humor is original and sarcastic. Terry Gilliam is brilliant, and more than a little insane...

It's been a very busy but good weekend. And now, it is back to work for me...lots to do. Bye!


Magnus said...

Mennonite hoardes... I know what you mean, but it still makes me chuckle for some reason.

Trent said...

Hordes of Mennonite berserkers descend to rape and pillage; I mean, feed and eat.


Magnus said...

Your heritage sending you mixed signals again, Trent?