What I'm doing on my spring vacation

Guess what I'm doing?
I got up early to make J breakfast (aren't I nice) as he has to work, but me - nada. So far this morning I've already finished a book (Airframe...not bad) worked out twice the normal time, and sat and drank some coffee out on the front deck, looking at the river.
Now - who knows! I love the opportunity to do whatever pops into my head.
And, even better, it look like J has no shoots this weekend.
What to do? What to do?
Well, we have a few musts in the next few days:
-FINALLY eat out at EE Buritos, a fantastic local chilean place (they even serve fresh tomatillos), in town that the world has thwarted every attempt for us to go to. We're actually going to not say we're going out loud, so it can't stop us this time. I fear that simply typing it has jinxed things.
-Clear out our deck. It's screened in and wonderful to have but it is dirty and full of junk from a winter of "where do I put this? Oh just stick it out on the deck..." and we want to paint the floors in there and have a friend of our come over and paint a mural on the wall. Can't even sit out ther until some of the crap is gone.
-Sleep. A lot.
-Eat. A lot.
-Go to Edmonton (hopefully) to see Dekoze spin next weekend...he is spinning with another guy who does old school breaks. Sounds like a good night of monky dancing to me.
-Go for lots of long walks. The riverside paths are nearly passable now, so a bit of mud won't stop us now.
-Spend Easter with J's family. Their cat just died suddenly so eveyone is a bit down. It'll be wierd to not have Shadow around begging for skritches and tidbits.
-Sleep more.
-Eat more.

And so I must be off to shower and get on with my day and find some lunch. I'm not sure how often I'll post in the next few days (honestly, I don't use the computer much at home).
So - ta ta!


Londradical said…
have a nice holiday, then
Trent said…
...and of course, blog and twice, nay, three times the normal daily amount.
Magnus said…
"I got up early to make J breakfast (aren't I nice) as he has to work..."

Of course, there is a school of thought that says you should be doing this anyway. >:D


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