Mee hee heeeee

Cheers my friends! I go on 10 days holidays in 5 hours.


I plan on practicing my vegetable imitation skills. The
natural behavior of broccoli is quite a challenge to mimic. It will take much diligence and effort...and Harp.
We had plans for a grand getaway somewhere romantic, but nowhere we wanted to go had a place we could actually afford, so we may just hang out here at home or go visit friends or my brother in Edmonton. If my Dad hadn't started renoviating the cabin we'd sneak up there, but it has no floor right now, so what can ya do?

Man...Just the thought of nothing to do with work for a week and a half.


Trent said…
Edmonton is terribly romantic. I mean there's the...and the...well, the West Edmonton Mall has those heart shaped beds.

Or you could continue a few hours past (just a few. Like, eight or so), you could come up here for a visit...It's real romantic up here. What with the...and the...well, you could go see kinuseo falls, at least.


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