Fashion police

Those of you who know me know that I am hardly the one to comment on style and fashion. Heck I'm doing well if my clothes are clean, happen to match and have all actually been put on that day. However, I've noticed a few fashion bizzarities that are becoming common here on campus and I just have to vent at their utter silliness.

1. Knitted toque ball caps we live in Canada - wear a toque when it's cold, or even whenever you feel like it should your inner gangster need soothing. OR wear a ball cap if you want. No complaints from me. But, for the love of god, do not make some wierdass hybrid knitted ball cap with a brim and wear it around (sometimes even sideways) and think that you look cool. You look like a 5 year old or someone with no true friends to tell you look rediculous. Knitted hats with brims. Why?

2. Hobbit pants
Now, it's colder in the spring and fall and so maybe shorts aren't your thing. But having said that, you do not live in Middle Earth and you are not a hobbit (and haloween isn't until the day after my birthday...a long time from now). Even my boss who is shorter than 5 feet would not be wearing flared baggy pants that come to mid calf. They look bad on everyone and honestly...they're silly.

3. Shortened mini bunny hugs over long shirts
I saw this yesterday and I actually laughed out loud (and got a good glare for my troubles) - a bunny hug with full hood and long sleeves that stopped snugly right below the mammaries. Why? Who knows? Another shirt was worn underneath it. It wasn't even one of those odd shawly shirts that just cover the arms a bit of back and the shoulders (I'm letting them go cuz they're odd, but not totally pointless). If you're not wearing such a silly thing to show off your belly, or to stay warm - what good is it?

Now, having said all this, I'm known for my lack of attention to personal style (style costs $$, so I have none) but please - people - think about what you are wearing. Just because some pop star wore something it doesn't make it right. Choose your own style, no matter how strange. And if you honestly like to wear those things, well I don't know what to say. Just be prepared to be giggled at my the likes of geeky old me.

OK, soap box away...back to work.


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