I just can't remember.

OK...I was reminiscing last night and thinking about my old friend Karli and then I got to thinking about a favorite poem we'd had back in high school. There was a time when Karli was determined to read from a new book every week from another time, pholosophy or religion...I ended up reading/knowing a lot about the stuff too just by spongy absorption and wierd late night discussions.
There was a time when she was in to depressed French poets and during the 1800s (I think) she found a lot of good ones. During the Charles Baudelaire and Voltaire readings there was a poem she found that I loved. It has to do with wondering about whether the angels that comfort us really know what our sorrow/pain is really like. The poem had lines like "Oh angel of joy and light unwanted" and "Do you know the sickness??". I've been obsessed with finding this poem for a while noe to read it to see if I still like it. I've searched and searched for it and can't find it and now I'm thinking about it again.
I know it isn't a lot to go on, but does anyone out there know what the poem is called, or better yet the words?


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