Lazy flies are hovering above

It's friday. Finally. It's been good to be back, but I almost need a holiday to recover from my holiday!
I'm in a good mood, as the nice people at Dougs Spoke and Sport repaired my wheel and reattached my kickstand, so I am again biking to work and my nifty new bike is back to me. I love it. There's already a gopher armada on the path I ride to work- I counted 12 today and they haven't even started making little gopherettes yet. Soon it'll be an obstacle course.
This weekend I've got lots of things planned: pressure wash the deck so we can paint it, get a few sheves and organise the now cleaned basement and rake the yard AND pick paint for the living room...cuz I just got my backpay from our new contract and it's enough to paint the living room. Hooray! No more nail holes. To celebrate we went out to EE Buritos (finally) for supper. Wow. Wow. Wow. Good good food, run by a family so proud to serve it to you. I had cheese stuffed roasted peppers with refried beans and rice and horchata to drink. Yum... my stomach is grumbling happily now just thinking about it. I hope we can go there a lot...
And so, since I have nothing really exciting to say, but a few minutes to spare, here's a bit of useless info about my life right at this very moment:

Current attire: Jeans, coral shirt, silver specs, superstar runners...and a lab coat.
Current mood: A bit tired, a bit stiff, but happy.
Current music: "Love Songs" a compilation of Billie Holiday songs
Current annoyance: all the achy new muscles in my body. You'd think they'd just give up their protest by now. They are my squidgy slaves and must learn to do my bidding...I've got lots in store for them and if they're complaining now, it should be a long summer.
Current thing: daydreaming about the deck when it's done. I want to live out there all summer and hopefully after this weekend it'll be cleaned and usable, and maybe in a few weeks, be even more cool. I'm so hyped to paint and fix up things. I just hope my poor body can keep up with my ambitions.
Current song in head: Me Myself and I (as sung by Billie Holiday)
Current video in player: The last episode of BSG. I finally watched it last night from when we taped it on the holidays. Man..has there ever been such a good show? It even overshadows DS9 and Babylon 5 in my mind.
Current DVD in player: Space Goast Coast to Coast season 3. Funny stuff..I love Brak and Zorak.
Current refreshment: Just finished a friday treat of a Tim Horton's double double coffee and a blueberry muffin. Although I love Time Hortons coffee I have to learn to make my own muffins. They're always better...I should learn to not be dissapointed by a bought muffin. I just haven't had time to make a muffin lately. I like muffins. Muffin muffin miffin oh muffin muffin hey.
Current worry: Will the student loan people leave us alone now for another 6 months? Maybe if we don't move or make a sound they'll get bored and go away.
Current thought: Is anyone else wierded out about what the heck is going on in Iran? Normally I'd say just let them be and go for a diplomatic solution, but a country enriching uranium against world rules with a leader who has said on multiple occasions that and entire country (Isreal) should be wiped off the face of the earth is not something I am comfortable with...and just what is the rest of the world supposed to do about it? I'm hiding under a chair myself.

Songs that make me happy:
-"Them There Eyes" by Billie Holiday
-"Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" by The Flaming Lips
-"When Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab For Cutie

Things that make me happy:
-My new bike (ya ya yaaah)
-Fresh fruit. There is so much fruit and so little room in my stomach.
-Billie Holiday's voice. The woman's voice is just magic.

I'm thankful for:
-my wonderful husband
-having enough money to pay our bills and not worry about that sort of stuff for a little while at least
-Springy sunshine and happy hopping gophers

Three nice things I will do soon:
-Send flowers to our elderly neighbor. Her husband passed away recently. He was such a sweet old man...we used to talk out in the yard and I'll miss him.
-Find a neat gift for my neice Elliott. She turns 1 next week!
-Put up birdfeeders. Happy birds. And happy cats too, as they can stare at them through the window.

3 Quotes that make me laugh:
-"My leprechaun fell asleep hours ago" ~Ken Sobool
-" I don't know why we need a roof anyway, just put a hat on and get over it" ~Dad (Brak Show)
-"When does the monkey come out of your ear? I don't have all day you know." ~Brak


Magnus said…
Name three song that make you whistful or melancholy.
As for Iran, yeah - I am scared.
Geosomin said…
1) Windmills, by Toad the Wet Sprocket
2) Suddenly Everything Has Changed, by the Flaming Lips
3) Trouble by Coldplay

I'm is a good mood right now so it's hard to think of wistful or melancholoy...these are pretty close, but I"ll hav to think on it.

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