My leprechaun fell asleep hours ago...

Brief greetings from Edmonton.
I must admit - I am not the young thing I used to be..but I can stil shake my funky fine self. Went to see a great DJ from Sweden (and others) in Calgary last night with some old and some new friends. The event was held in a circus school so there were odd trapezes and decorations and a few performances mixed in with the music from stilt walkers and the like. Very unique.
It has been a while since I've stayed up all night dancing and talking and hanging out with people and I must say a good time was had. The all nighter ended with a yummy Dennys breakfast and during a scattered eggy toasty conversation about limits and exhaustion a friend came up with a theory. He figured that we don't all know our limits, especially when we're young, so we should each get a leprechaun who will pop in with a wave and a smile to kindly let us know that we've gone too far and are at the point of total exhaustion and should just sleep. Given our tiredness at the time we figured it was a great idea but with a tragic flaw- Ken said.."great idea...but I think my leprechaun fell asleep hours ago."

Ah. I am weary and scattered but happy. It has been a great holiday off, busy and many things learned and done, with much to babble on when I get the time. is not the time. Now is the time for a shower and some food and a final evening here with friends before heading back to home and the real world. When I'm back home in my pod I'll pontificate on the many cheezies of wisdom I gained this week.



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