Thursday, April 27, 2006

I can't have nice things

Tuesday evening, I bought a brand new bike. I've saved for a long while and knew exactly what I wanted. It's a low ride (aka girlie) frame with mountain tires, 21 gears, fenders, front suspension, adjustable handlebars and comfy seat and rides like a cloud. It even had a kickstand...and is everything I've always wanted. Jay does promos for the shop so we even got a discount...about as perfect as it could be. The store is local and they're really good people.
I ride my bike to work, rain or shine, as long as weather permits and yesterday was my first day back at it...and I made it a whole half a trip before catastrophe struck. The kick stand had been incorrectly installed and it jammed up the rear wheel, nearly throwing me off. Consequently, the stand had to be taken off to even move the bike. The wheel is now warped and the frame is all scratched to hell where the stand was mounted from the jarring, as there was no rubber seal put below the stand to prevent scratches.
So..I've cooled down a bit and after work I am taking it in to see just how much of it they'll replace. Ideally, I'm cheesed enough that I'd like a whole new bike, but they should at least fix the scratches and give me a new wheel. I've only had it for a day after all!
I am now convinced I'm jinxed. I just can't have nice things....


Thoth Harris said...


I know what you mean by being jinxed though. I go through long periods where things like that happen to me. New things I buy, new places I go, everything I do in those times...

Hope the bike doesn't bring you bad luck. You know how it is...some objects seem cursed...or did I read too many Poe stories?

Magnus said...

Hell G, a bike isn't a bike until you get a couple of scratches on it. You should have seen my old Maruishi 5-speed cruiser. I still have dreams about that bike - I never should have let my ad sell it.
Your bike isn't ruined, just initiated - baptised if you will. The rim is screwed, but it is easy enough to replace. Revel in your bikes scars.

Geosomin said...

I's just it's all new and nice and I only had it for a few minutes! I was hoping to last at least a week before doing something to it...and I didn't actually DO anything.
Oh well, I'm sure they'll fix it up.