Friday, November 14, 2014

Ranty ranty

After a rather warm fall it's finally winter. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have snow than cold icy rain, but I must admit it's only -14 C out and I'm already whining. There is snow now. I have a little hair this year, so it's a bit warmer (and I actually got it cut a few days ago so it has a funky style) but I could still do without the winter extremes.

I like to go for walks. It's kinda my daily thing...and walking in the stupid cold with asthma isn't that much fun. I can't walk to work anymore or go for a stroll after supper and altho I still hope to get out and walk when I can, being stuck inside gives you cabin fever. I am currently looking for some winter things to make, knit and do to keep occupied. We still have no cable or TV and only a few movies and haven't hooked up netflix yet because J is a videographer who makes sour faces at the thought of watching a movie on the laptop or ipad, so I am feeling squirrely from the cold and it's only november. I'm trying to do some christmas crafting with a friend, but she's only off work every other week and some evenings once I'm done work I don't feel like doing anything. Ah well, I suppose it means we should try and get out more...but being slightly broke now that J is freelancing means we have to pick and choose what we do...and when I stay out late now I pay for it for a few days. Slowly figuring out the new normal...
At least soon I can entertain myself with putting up christmas decorations...I love that. And there's my new ukelele that I still can't play much yet. Truth be told I need to learn how to amuse myself again without a computer or the internet. TIme to do more knitting I think.
At least soon we'll have a new kitteh to play with tho.
That makes me smile.

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solarity said...

I don't have asthma; I have pollen allergies. I bought the detested stationary bike so that I could get some exercise during the worst of pollen season, but it's just not like A Walk!

Be nice to the ukelele. :)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

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