Monday, November 21, 2005

Waiting for snow...

It just doesn't feel like winter yet. No snow. It's wierd...I like the not cold part, but I want to put up my Christmas lights soon (I'm crazy about christmas lights) and it seems wierd with no snow.
Well, as a sign of how exciting my day has been no far, I'll fill up a bit of it by filling this out again - it's been about a month since I pulled this out and dusted it off so here goes...

Current attire: Blue jeans. "happy" shirt. burgundy zip up bunny hug. black specs. superstars. rainbow glow in the dark belly ring.

Current mood: Happy. I have invoked the power of the shirt, and it appears to be working....

Current music: Nothing. None allowed where I'm currently sitting.

Current annoyance: Advertising in theatres. I went to see Goblet of Fire last night and was subjected to 20 minutes of ads (including a saladressing and Walmart ad) before the lights went down to...more ads before the trailers! I'd honestly pay more just to get this off the screen. It's like the theatres are rofiting off us as consumers cuz they know we are there...god forbid we'd want to talk or relax before a film....grrr. It's bad enough I have to look at ads when I pee in their bathrooms, but now my personal time before a film isn't safe....makes me very angry. The movie was good tho. :)

Current thing: Planning my ice castle that I'm going to make in my front yard...of course if it would snow I could get on with it. It'll have lights and everything. Just you wait and see....

Current desktop picture: the "No Cat Farts" international logo...should change it I suppose

Current song in head: Square One by Coldplay.

Current book: Nothing right now. Need to go to the library.

Current video in player: Dr. Who episodes taped off BBC kids last night (A set 7th doctor episodes...haven't seen them before-cool)

Current DVD in player: nada - I had to return it to the video store (it *was* Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - I loved it..)

Current refreshment: coffee

Current worry: How do I get my Christmas shopping done without actually going into a mall? And, more importantly, should I buy tickets to Coldplay in Vancouver? *And* can I afford to go even if I manage to get tickets?

Current thought: What if they had one night a week during the holiday season where all the stores played NO holiday music. Wouldn't that be cool? I'd go then. Heck I'd even pay admission...I was in a mall last week and just about went nuts with the endless Frosty the Snowman. Glad I never had to work retail...I'd have gone postal.

Anyhoo...back to the lab.


Magnus said...

You must afford tickets to see Clodplay in Vancouver - I command it! I won'tgo to the show becuase Coldplay is just Radiohead light in my opinion, but I'd like to hang out with you and Jay again. I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

No snow is the best time to put up Christmas lights. -40 and icy is not the best time to climb up a metal ladder with bare hands and hang lights. Trust me. Or rather, trust the guy who I saw fall off his ladder last year when it was -40 and icy.

I *want* to get my lights up now; I just have been way to busy to manage it. Normally, I just leave them up all year (I mean, why bother taking them down? You're just going to have to put them up again.)

Geosomin said...

That's the thing...when we bought the house it was covered with 8 zillion strings of lights that no longer worked...I finally got them all off this spring. I want to buy some LED lights and put them up and leave them...just around the window to start....and of course my glowing ice castle...which I could build some day. It'll be above 0 all week, so I have to be patient. I'm not busy I'm just lazy.

Peter T Chattaway said...

Any snow yet? We had some here in Vancouver yesterday -- it lasted an hour or two, and then melted away -- but the regions further out were getting it as far back as Sunday (the 26th).

Geosomin said...

Finally got a nice little 3" blanket last night.
Much MUCH better.

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