Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Weather with a capital W

Oh the Storms and Floods and the like. Usually here in Saskatchewan we don't see much of those. Lately the river is over it's banks, the weir in the river is not visible, a huge wind and rainstorm whipped through the city last week and took out a huge tree in our back yard...Now 70 cm of rain overnight...ah the sweet trickle of water in the basement! Weather at it's most extravigant.
Crazy I tell ya.
I've been reminded vividly of late of the true powers of nature. My grandfather told stories when I was little of when he moved out here to clear his homestead and lived in a tarpaper windowed shack for a few years and now I am beginning to be in awe of him and the others who came out here and braved this kind of weather to make a home for themselves. During the last big storm it was actually scary to sit and watch the storm outside...I kept backing away as the winds would whip things around and the rain came down in whirling sheets...some of the trees are still bent over on top. I can't imagine a full out tornado... I do not know if I would have had the fortitude to just be out in that kind of weather in a small shack or house, soaked to the skin and clinging to the furniture (or just anything heavy for that matter) until the storm had quenched.
Even moreso I can't imagine a Saskatchewan winter spent like that...
Nature is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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