Holiday! Celebrate!

He that terrible Madonna song in your head didn't I? :P
Very shortly J and I will have a long weekend together with nice people and good music. I am worried I may nap the whole time of come down with some hideous plague once my body takes time to relax, but I cannot wait to get out of here and just relax down to the very marrow of my being for the first time since, well, Christmas really. Having a wig out session from stress on the weekend has shown me how close to the edge I am with all I'm doing...apparently I'm ahead of a lot of *regular* grad students time wise. All I know is, I'm looking forward to be done.

I normally bake up a storm and bring tasty goods along camping, but this year I'm not stressing myself out about it. If there is time tonight then so be it, but we have enough food, and clean clothes to get by.

J's family who come back to Toontown for the Jazzfest every year are here and will be taking care of our critters while we are away. Went out for Thai food with them last night and I am still was good to see them. I also do not think I need to eat for a week or so with all the delicious Thai food we had...I have leftovers for supper. Bwaha!

And so, I must be off. It is a struggle to be awake, but today is my last day of work for a week, so I will be good, head home for a nap and then try and start my relaxing...

In order to get that terrible song out of your head that I put there - here's a better Holiday - Billie. Have a lovely day everyone!


Anonymous said…
Have a great time! You deserve a long weekend of fun. Me, I apparently deserve to finish staining the fence. Hehe.

Pacian said…

Holy moly, I thought Who Framed Roger Rabbit was just fiction!
Hope it was a great long weekend!

And thanks so much for providing that Billie Holiday aural antidote at the end of the post. I am EXTREMELY susceptible to involuntary song transfer and would have been stuck with that first one (can't name it or it will return)for ages.

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