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Ah - I just gave my 6 month update speech to go with my report I handed in last week. It went well. I was up until 2 finishing it because of time spent friday and saturday putting on our party, but I have to say - it went well. We sold out, covered our costs and everyone had a great time. Bar proceeds go to CFCR...everybody wins. My speech today went OK too. Not perfect, but it was constructive and I will be able to start really crunching my data now. They didn't laugh or make me feel like I didn't know what I was doing...a good sign. I have direction and remaining things to do...I even met with my supervisor on saturday morning before the party and we hashed out a lot of was one busy awesome weekend.

I'm looking forward to a few naps...some relaxing. And a long weekend off with no data.

I am giddy at the thought.


the Bag Lady said…
Yay you! Glad it went well.
Pacian said…
When crunching data, remember to chew properly.
Anonymous said…
Good stuff!!! I loved the seal of approval so much, I printed him up and he is hanging beside my desk.

When you mentioned the bar proceeds, I thought you had an open bar at your speech. ;) When I was in grad. school, all they gave us was popcorn.

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