getting excited

I am so excited.
This afternoon I fly away for 4 days. I get to learn lots, and see family.
I get to stay in a nice hotel by myself (I'm totally sleeping diagonal! Bwahahaha!) and spend time wandering about in the evenings on my own when the conference is done. I get to meet with my supervisors and pick their brains...and when it's all over see family. I wish J could be with me, but it is what it is. It will be exciting to trek out on my own...
I'm hoping to sneak in a dim sum at the Flamingo (best peanut dumplings in the 'verse) and eat as much sushi as humanly possible.
And relax. Just relax.
...and then eat more sushi.

I can't wait.


Anonymous said…
I hope your trip goes great!!!!!! Enjoy your time. :)

Pacian said…
What was that Geo? "We we we so excited"?

(Have fun...)

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