Shoot me now...more jello please

This weekend we, together with some great people, are putting on a thing. A good thing. Live music and DJs in a nice venue, good people, nice decor (enchanted forest) and even sammiches cupcakes and coffee at midnight. :)
Yours truly is in charge of the bar, and because I luv them, besides the good local draft beer and hard liquor with mix I'm gonna have jello shooters. Peach ones. And so I'm looking on the interwebs for recipes as I can't decide between what liquors to put in them...and I stumbled across this website:
My Science Project.
I love these people. Specifically...theirgreat and exhaustive efforts and experiments at making a zillion types of shooters, seeing how strong you can make them...with many liquors...even dessert and pudding ones.
Oh yes.
My mouth is actually watering at all the different ideas. Yum.
Just had to share it with you...I'll let you know how it all goes.

Any ideas for a name for these peach shooters? I am undecided...


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