Back for a little bit

That was lovely.
Our little escape to Astral Harvest was short, yes, but in a week I'll be off again for a few days. I had a fantastic time. We got to catch up with lots of friends, meet new ones and relax in the sunshine and dance at was lovely. Sunshine. Cider. was very very good.

We came home a few days before coming back to normal today. I've been fighting off a cold the whole time, but I haven't been good and properly sick, so I've just been ignoring it for the most part. It's been so long since I've relaxed I'm not surprised I came down with something :)

I didn't think to take any photos (oops) so I have not much to show you here, save this shot of J and I taken by my friend Curtis, but rest assured, it was a great time. So great in fact that I really want another week off to relax and make tasty food and catch up on life. Looking back on it, my body was fighting the return to normality yesterday...I was grumpy and tetchy and I'm sure I was all sorts of charming to be around. J gets extra suave points for not telling me off for being a pouty little thing -'Oh pity me!" and all that...thankfully I think I've snapped out of it. Realistically, I just need to learn how to disembark and return to life a bit more smoothly...I'll get the hang of it I'm sure. Times off like this remind me that I'm still all here, and life is good and that I am very lucky to have the life I do.

I must run...I've a schwack of things to catch up on. :)


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