1 more sleep. I use the term sleep loosely. Altho I am exhausted from lack of sleep, and still have much typing to do, I still cannot stop thinking about it.

Tomorrow I head out bright and early in a car with 3 friends to go to the Comic Expo in Calgary. Meep! Even though I have to cut out early by a day to come home and work on school stuff (sadly I just won't get it all done in time) I don't care. 2 whole days of geeking out...I. AM. SO. EXCITED. The girls and I have planned this for over 6 months and it is time to run amok amongst the friendly beautiful crazies...ah!
After so much hard will be SO. COOL.

I plan on seeing a great many things, hopefully meeting Colonel Tye, Delenn, and perhaps Summer Glau...giggle at Riker and maybe catch a glimpse of George Romero and Bill Shatner (god I hope they don't let him sing...)J gets to be there with press passes, lucky sod. He won't see me much...but he will get to interview a lot of cool people. I love people watching and a gathering like this screams out for it :)
I hope to pick up an autograph from Elvira mistress of the night for my brother for his birthday (I know I know...he'd pee with joy tho) and maybe find me a nice pair of goggles. If I had time I'd have pulled together a costume, but as it is, I will just go and enjoy. My Tank Girl costume just doesn't work in crowds...:)


the Bag Lady said…
Sounds like a blast!
(I think my cousin Leah will be there, too!)

Have fun!
Pacian said…
Can Romero's glasses really be that big in real life? Find out for us, Geo!

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