It's like regular drama. Only sexy.

I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl. Not a bad read...historical sexy intrigue and all that. Interesting enough to drag me in and not so complex. It's kept me sane while on the plane (tee hee) and been a nice diversion on the bus when I want to rant and rave my stress but really can't. It has also given me a new mental image to toy with while avoiding my data and feeling dread at all the analysis I have to do but to be completely honest do not quite have a grasp on how to: I feel like Anne and her brother walking towards the guillotine. Hoping for the best. Dreading the possibility of what could happen. It is safe to say that I am ready to begin the final analysis and be done with it all and have my life back.

Or something like it anyways.

This morning I came in to workout but couldn't figure out what to do so I lumbered into spin and sculpt class to get my ass thoroughly kicked. 30 minutes of vicious spinning followed by crazy lungey squatty ab curling depravity that has left me with a slightly seized posterior and a desire to move as little as possible. i am quite sure tomorrow will be a stiff one.
And yet I like it. It's good to push yourself. It's good to FEEL your body there and know it's stiff because you made it work. :)

I have found myself with the most perfect of desserts...something my mum used to make that I've modified a bit to make even more perfect. Cook rice with coconut oil for supper. Then, after, when you find you still have room and crave a yummy thing, put some still warm slightly nutty rice in a bowl and melt a few spoons of brown sugar by sprinkling on top and pour on a squidge of evaporated milk. Let it sit a minute and when the sugar is all soft and the rice has soaked up the bit of milk give it a stir and slowly, languidly eat is one of life's simplest and most delicious pleasures...:)

And so, having filled myself to the brim with rice and anxiety, I must be off. I am downloading a free month of analysis trial software as my boss has no $$ for the real one so I can try and have a go at all my data and try and get over this slightly drowning feeling I get whenever I think about All Those Numbers...
My computer, being the ever helpful type, came down with a virus monday so I've been unable to do much serious analysis until today and oh my dear do I have so very much to do.

Later Taters...


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