"Hear me baby hold together"...

There is simply not enough time in the universe to do all that I need to do. I am trying my damndest, but I, mere mortal that I am, can only do so much.

I will slog on. It's taking WAY longer than I thought...I have to try and finish summarize this freaking mountain of data tonight so I can write up my report over the next day or two for my committee progress report. Much as I dearly want to I can't just throw a huge pile of printed out data on the table and go "read this if you want to know what I've been up to!". It angers me to have to justify what I've been doing over the last period of time. To have to be able to clearly explain all my data when I'm still figuring it out myself...like I could possibly do any more than I am now...

On the upside, I have tickets and a room for comic con in calgary this weekend with a few girlfriends and I'll be damned if I give that up (like I have so many other social things lately). Even if I only go for a day. I'm going.

I just have to keep going...3 hours of sleep and a pot of coffee and I'm on a roll for yet another ridiculous day.
Not much else I *can* do but keep going really. The slog will end eventually.

On a side note - if you paid $17.50 for a sunday brunch (it was damn good) would you be annoyed at the coffee being an extra $3? I know I was. It seemed petty...I wasn't sure if it was me being overtired and grumpy or not. It was worth it to see my Dad for an hour or so. Not long enough...but such as it is nowadays.

I must go before I mope all over the floor. I have much labwork to do here today at work and if I keep moving I won't fall asleep.

Later taters. :)


Anonymous said…
I would probably be rattled if I felt something (the coffee) cost extra when it's part of the breakfast. But maybe some people didn't want it, and it was more a way of saving them money (the whole thing would have cost more otherwise?)

Imagine not wanting coffee, though. Now you make me want to take some to bed with me... wouldn't be a good idea!

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