Last night at about 3 AM I went over my first draft of my damn report that is due monday that I had to give to my supervisor this AM (and will come back early from comic con to finish if I'm not done before I go...). It's not too shabby. Needs some filling out, but it will do I think. My mountains of data (literally 3 inches of printouts of data and graphs...meep) is hard to wade through so I may keep that discussion superficial in the report and keep a bit more info for my talk on the 27th when I've had a few more days to go through it all and build it up logically. Nothing is worse than flinging data wildly at people...
I looked at my watch at 3AM and saw Wed June 15 on it...and I was very confused...thinking tomorrow was thursday...but that the paper was due wednesday...and how did I skip a day...and then I made the link, shook my head and finished my draft to go off to bed. I slept in this morning and had a good, albeit tired, work day. I'm on a constant low sleep this last 8 days, so it's getting easier. I know what to eat and how to keep my body fueled. Oddly, exercise helps, even when exhausted. I skipped the morning workout to sleep, but stopped by a class on the way home on a whim and I feel all the better for it.
Now for a bit of supper and another go at some revision...and bed time of a real human being!
Joy :)


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