we fear change

It is odd. I've been aching for spring, but now that it's here I'm miffed like a 4 year old that I have to modify my life for it. it's all in good ways - I mean instead of being stuck with the bus, I can now (if I get off my arse today and prep it) ride my bike to work instead and be free to leave whenever I please.
Trouble is, I have a lot of junk. And I take it all with me to work everyday because it's my second home. Each morning I haul my gym junk and stuff to change into after gym junk...and food, some books... You get it-lots of stuff to take on a bike. It will be creative to say the least. I think I may have to look into a pannier pack, bike rack or a ridiculously huge basket for the front of it. I can just see me know, wheeling down by the river at all hours with all my junk bunjeed to the back of my bike...it makes me tired just thinking about it.

J and I went out last night as there was a Star Wars themed dance party at the local good dance club..the gay bar has the best music in town and I much prefer being hit on by women...we've got class. (Guys - you could learn a thing or 2 from them about social style...just saying) The music was good but it was ill attended and very few costumes were there, but it was fun. I admit I petered out at about 2, as we'd gone out to see Friday the 13th on friday night at midnight for the monthly horrorfest at the broadway. Both nights were fun, but man am I tired.

I have concluded that my inability to do much of anything useful today proves that I cannot have both a vigorous social life and actually work on my MSc, as much as I'd like to dilude myself into thinking so. I'm just tired. I did some cell work today and a bit of work in the lab but I wasn't half as productive or interested in my work as I'd have been if I'd slept a bit. I've got things to do, and I can't fall behind.

Altho being done my MSc scares me, it also is something I cannot wait for. Unless someone brings me a time machine I'm going to have to face facts - nerds need sleep to function properly. This nerd has taken note...and will start to act accordingly.

I'm off clean off my bike, pump up the tires and then have a nap.
I'm knackered.


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