stressed just a smidge

I just spent THREE HOURS scanning 12 slides to determine my next course of action in my cell culture.
3 bloody hours!

I have much to do this holiday weekend on my MSc to prep for my June 3 meeting in Vancouver. I don't have 3 bloody hours to spend staring at a sophisticated machine whilst eating taco salad, drinking Coke Zero and cursing under my breath.
I have data to crunch. New slides to scan and analyze.
The weather's been so gorgeous that all I want to do is hose down the deck and then sit on it and drink beer. We will prep the deck this weekend, no matter what, but as for the rest...well we'll see.
Currently, given the godawful amount of work to do yet before I sleep, I'm considering gouging my spleen out with a spoon so I can have a bit of time off...

Gibbedy gibbedy gibbedy...


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