The hell of a thousand numbers

Well, I did it.
It took me ALL weekend (literally) and I was up until 2 AM last night but I have successfully extracted, compiled and orderly combined all of my data (and believe you me - there's a LOT of it). Now tonight I can do some basic stats, have the bottle of Hobgoblin Ale I've been saving as a reward for this and try and figure out what I need to bring to the conference in Vancouver this weekend.

Whew. I'm grateful to J. He kept me from losing my mind over he weekend with the endless numbers...but I did it. He kept me supplied with Coke Zero and chinese takeaway and lots of hugs. Zeke napped in my lap sometimes too.
And so I rejoice - for It is done. (until the last batch of data comes in in the fall - heh).

So, I must be off. Coffee to drink. Labs to rule.

Later taters.


grapecat said…
yay!! well done you.
however, i feel you may require more than one bottle of ale...
Pacian said…
+10 awesome points, Geosomin.

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