playing the numbers game

I am currently exporting a gajillion data points from algorithm analysis of over 300 microarrays...and listening to my iPod...going thru old albums to pass the time as I occasionally click a mouse or tap a key and hit control c control v more times than I'd care to count. The D-sides album by Gorillaz is great...especially this song. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Soon, once I export all my gajillion data points, then...THEN I will crunch numbers...I am meeting all my supervisors and coconspirators in Vancouver at the start of June at a conference/training seminar on my thesis subject (I got a bursary to go! meep!) so I must get ALL my data collected, run and analyzed so I can impress their pants off. Well not actually their pants. They're old crudgenly scientists...some of them are women too. Erm. OK nix the pants thing.
Lets just say I want to impress...and it's exciting to finally have my first 1/2 of my data ready from my thesis. And It will be ready for my update meeting in June too...

Only 2 more thingys left to build, test, scan and analyze. Then...(gasp) perhaps I can get permission to write!

Back off, I'm doing SCIENCE!
He hee...


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