Do not let your tired eyes deceive you

Sorry about all the doom and gloom. Yesterday was very hooverish. I was very disappointed in it all, but it is what it is. Being over tired really made it a superb flusher of a day...but after I got home, sulked a bit, made supper and had a few good J hugs I came across this from my niece, who is sweet and much wiser than her 20 years - it gave my brain a shake...put things back into place for me:
Today will be better I think.
I will not stop.

I am tucking my nose down to the grindstone. Although I must work all weekend I am taking small fun breaks. One will be to get the ingredients to make lemoncello. I've been daydreaming about it and if I get my butt in gear and make some this weekend it will start being ready to sip around July long weekend. Mmmm...


Pacian said…
Okay, that's a great postcard.

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