Seriously people? Come on.

After beign up until 1 AM working on data, I got up at 5 today. To come in to work today to process a sample by 6:15 to send over to the hospital in the first tote of the day so that it could be processed at another lab first thing. Apparently there were no totes to send today and four hours later it is still sitting there....and will finally go over in a tote soon. OVER FOUR HOURS it sat there. Nobody called about it. I hope to hell it gets there in time to be processed today or else it will likely fail. Again. This is the last thing in my cell line stuff and I can't have it screw up because I have no more materials to redo it because I'm ALREADY redoing it because it sat there like this LAST WEEK. It really can't screw up and it needs to get there as soon as possible.

I am sick and tired of having to depend on other people for my project because invariably they just screw me over. And I can't raise hell because these people are technically doing me favours.
Thanks a lot.

I'm so angry right now I could scream.

Later: I just drove it over myself.


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