The wrong George

Sometimes I like how the world is set up - I need a part for my exercise machine - one of the front wheels that looks like a giant rollerblade wheel has come apart most spectacularly and I can't use it until we put a new wheel on it... Soooooo, I call the company that makes it, they look up the part and I arrange to have them directly mail 2 wheels to me for reasonable cost. No prob. Done. In a week I'll have a working elliptical again. There's a little voice in my head that can't help worry if they will send the wrong piece, but I doubt it. There's no other part on the machine that looks even remotely like a giant roller blade wheel, so I'm good I think :).

Then there's the opposite - 3 months ago my new gas stove came. It's lovely and black and will let me proof croissants. I have named it George. It hasn't been installed yet as our kitchen renos haven't happened yet (Dad is busy and can't help us out yet) but the side panels for the stove (it's a slide in model) have still not come yet. Nope. I have a stove with no sides. Silly I know...if I had it already installed I'd be royally pissed off by now. Being a buyer at work for stuff I know how and who to talk to nicely and how to call to get info and get parts and things that are hard to find...but in this case, because it was a very good deal through a friend of the family I can't just call people up and hassle them about parts. Annoying.
Luckily (well OK maybe not) the stove is still uninstalled, so it hasn't become a huge issue yet, but if the side panels still aren't here by the time I install the stove I will be calling people directly and raising holy hell....who sells a stove without a side on it? Seriously...

Ah well...deep breaths...on to things I *can* do something about.

Now that our house painting is done (yay), this weekend I hope to attack our that the vines have lost their leaves it looks like a sad weed collection. I'll fix that to a certain degree tomorrow :).
Then...a BBQ, and perhaps a beer, before I begin to attack my craft room and office. There is much to do, and staring at it only makes me crosseyed and avoid it. I have windows to make and need my room functional. Plus we have grand plans to set up the elliptical (once it's fixed) down by my room so it's a little workout area out of the way of the living room. Step 82 of a process we are probably at about...oh step...32 of. :)
I keep getting ideas that require the completion of other ideas. It eggs you on to finish them, but man...sure doesn't let you slack off for any length of time. Plus it makes you slightly nutty until it's done...I mean nuttier. Yes. That's it...


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