Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear sir/madam,

I just had Office 2007 installed on my work computer and I feel I must contact you to describe my consumer experience in 7 succinct words: What an utterly useless piece of sh*t.

You've made arbitrary, ridiculous and confusing menu alterations, created unhelpful menus and extended what were previously simple and logical processes. It's going to take me a whole day to get the menus set up and figure out where all the things got moved to that I use all the time. Where're the customizable toolbars? How do I find my statistical analysis and graphing options? I don't need pictures...I'm not 5...or mentally handicapped. Just give me a scalable functional program.

It's bad enough I HAVE to use your products and have to constantly upgrade to keep up with the times and software apps in this modern age. Could you at least make the software even slightly usable straight out of the box? I'm supposed to be the computer whiz around here and I'm having difficulty. Whatever posessed you to think these revisions were a good idea?

You are wankers. Of the highest order.

Thanks for the headache,


grapecat said…
yup - microsoft in a nutshell. try linux :) it's just as frustrating but in a completely different way and at least you're no longer adding to microsoft's coffers
Pacian said…
Heh. Part of my job involves automating Excel processes. I switched to Office 2007 a year ago.

It's the ribbon. The goddamned ribbon. It's not just that it's tough to spot what you want when you're on the right tab, figuring out which tab it's going to be on is difficult as well.
Magnus said…
I still prefer the Windows I was using back in 1994 - was that 4.11? It was just before Windows 95.

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