Good grief

Just a wee bit busy around here...sorry to ignore you all.

I've been volunteering at the CFCR pledge drive every evening after work (and on weekends) and as a result I have no free time (except for exciting dentist appointments). When I am home really don't feel like posting, even tho I've had loads of ideas for posts...lots has gone on! Seriously...there's just no time. Sleep and a few minutes with J are what I can squish in in the odd free moments...cuz we have company right now too, so there's so little time for just us.

Yeah. It's like that.

Only a few days and life can resume a semblance of normality. I've actually been getting up 20 minutes early this last while for oatmeal and tea with the cats just to have a few minutes to myself. I think it's gonna stay's really helped me de-stress. I have to start factoring in workouts too, but all in good time my dears. All in good time.

I can't wait for the end of the pledge drive. Then it's just the Breast Cancer Run and I can relax.



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