Good Riddance

My old washer and dryer are gone.
Can I get a Woohoo?
Two poor guys came and took them away last night for someone to use. I felt bad for them - I know how heavy they are (we tried to be nice and carry them out to the yard for them. We only got them up about 4 steps and had to stop...heavy little things). I'm glad they're finally gone though...they've been lurking downstairs for about 6 months now...and now they have a new home. Good riddance to them...I kept saying I'd get rid of them and just never had the time. Thankfully someone can use them. Now our basement is back to normal size! Step 36 in the 80 zillion step plan to organise my home is now done.
Chicka ow.
I'm quite excited as tonight is an open house at the Oriental Dance Arts tribal bellydance school....I hope to take lessons there this fall. It's where my tribal teacher from last year goes and she recommended I go there too. They are having a performance and info session...hoping I can sign up and get started. This year I'm doing less lessons, but longer lessons with a more professional teacher, to try and focus on learning more and still having time in life for other things. I can't wait to get back to the belly dancing again...I missed it. My knee is back to normal (knock on wood) so Thundercats are go for all this.


Pacian said…
"Oriental Dance Arts tribal bellydance school"

Phrase of the day. Hope all goes well.
the Bag Lady said…
(I'm reading, just don't always have time to comment..........)

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