I'm psyching myself up for "paint the house weekend". Weather looks nice...I haven't been able to get as much prep as I'd like, but after the Franz Ferdinand concert tomorrow it will be friday PM to prep and then 3 days of painting. I need to rent some scaffolding, but so be it. Hopefully I won't fall off...
But even tho I'd rather be up at the lake with my parents this weekend I want this DONE. Sooooo I will do it. Nothing else for it.
With any luck it will all get finished...then my neighbors will only hate us for the state of our yard and not the state of our house!

Whenever I embark on reno stuff on this level I'm really beginning to appreciate just HOW much my Dad did when I was little. J is not a reno sort of guy - he's the king organiser & electronics whiz. Me? I'm the painty, power tools sort. I love to do this stuff, but for me the planning is the worst...once I begin I usually leap in with both feet and finish it off well. I'm just a bit nervous about being out in the sunshine...the scaffolding for rent has no no beer for me :). I've tried to do the Tom Sawyer thing, but I'm not willing to guilt anyone into helping me with this...everyone nearby can't paint well, so I'd just end up being frustrated(Me? Perfectionist? *whistle*). I'd love to pay someone to do it...but hahahahahahaaaaa I laugh. You do what ya gotta do.

As a plus though, the ugly "spanish tile" house numbers I loathe so much conveniently broke (he heh oops >:D )when I took them down to scrape and prime.
I'm trying to think of how to do new house numbers...any ideas for new ones?


the Bag Lady said…
You can always cut new house numbers out of a piece of wood with a jigsaw.
Or, get yourself a slab of wood and burn the numbers into it.
There are all kinds of things you can do that aren't expensive.

Good luck with the painting! Wear a hat so you don't get sunstroke!

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