Any rainbow I'll save for you, any colour that you like...all for you...

How's that for an obscure lyric reference? 10 points and a cookie if you know where it's from...

Colour Meme:

What's the first color you see in the morning?
The lime green of our bedroom walls and the white canopy draped over the posts.

What color are your eyes?
Hazel. Sometimes green, sometimes brown…depends on what I wear and my mood. Mood ring eyes

What color do you wear the most?
Hmmm…probably brown. Comfy and warm…

What color do you never wear?
I'm not a big fan of pastels. Blech. Pink is eternally cursed and white is a bad one too…it doesn’t stay white when I wear it...

What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?
red or burgundy

What color gets you the most compliments?
red or burgundy…:)

What color is your lipstick?
Madam I do not know what you mean. What is this lip stick you speak of?

What color was your living room growing up?
cream with coffee coloured trim (my Mum’s words).

What color was your room growing up?
Grey wallpaper with black and white and burgundy splashes all over it.

What color are your sheets? Usually a sage green

What color was your favorite crayon as a child? orange!

What color is your car? screaming yellow.

What color was your prom dress?
No prom, but I suppose grad will do - it was a cream colour silk poof thing with little flowers all over the fabric. *cough* And yes I sewed it myself…hideous. Don't make a tomboy wear a dress, it will only end badly.To this day I am still annoyed I was not allowed to wear a tuxedo with skirt...

What's your favourite gemstone? Moonstone

What is your favorite flower? orchids are nice, and orange gerbers too- unusual shapes and bright colours

What color makes you happiest? Yellow…and bright lime green

What color depresses you? dark blue and grey

What colour calms you? deep purple

And then (cuz my coffee break is still not over...)
Ye Olde What Ye Are At Meme:
I haven't done this since (gasp) May...

Current clothes: Jeans, Kid Koala concert shirt, black jacket with rainbow sleeve stripes, running shoes, black specs and running shoes.

Current mood: Tired, but very happy as the weekend is here...

Current music: The new Moby album, and the Franz Ferdinand dub remix album of their Tonight album, Blood.

Current annoyance: Just how overall "rushed" and cluttered I feel right I could jump right out of my own skin. It's been a busy fun summer, but I'm struggling at slowing down a bit...and just trying life out as is for a while. I'm looking froward to a weekend of relaxing...

Current thing: decluttering and renovations. Feels good. There's lots to do, as our house currently is in mid process so it looks worse rather than better...but I must remember in the end it will be infinitely better...if only in being able to find what I need instantly without a rousing hour long game of "find the thing"...

Current desktop picture: J in a canoe at sunset

Current book: In the midst of 2 books: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (love it-the zombies and odd violence make this book so much better...) and The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite (Fascinating book...lots of science and facts about our modern diet and our culture and how it is designed to rewire our brains for overeating...and how to circumvent this).

Current song in head: Ooh Yeah by Moby. Don't know why...haven't listened to that album in months. Don't even particularly like the song...just the "yeah" part at the opening keeps looping in my brain for some reason...a bit annoying really. I keft my iPod at home, so I'm tryign to find a CD for the lab to drive it out.

Current DVD in player: Season 1 of Doctor Who...forgot how good that show was.

Current refreshment: Coffee, with cream and sugar. Since it's a coffee break, who am I to argue?

Have a fine day. I'm off to the lab to play with some antibodies. Ta.


Unknown said…
Any Color? Cutting Crew??

Just stumbled across your blog today! Love it!
Geosomin said…
wohoo! Cookie for you :)

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