Happiest Dog Ever

On my nice sunrisey full walk to work this AM I got to meet the happiest dog ever. His owner was running along and the dog kept running around him, dashing off, darting back, hopping after gophers, running up to me and hopping away, and running up to his owner here and there for a pat on the head or a "good dog".
It is true...you can learn a lot a bout a person by looking at their dog. Happy people = happy dog. Fit person = fit dog. These 2 were both. :)
It's good to be out for a bit in the mornings...the weather is still holding - it's been unseasonably warm lately and it's nice to get our little bit of summer. Better late than ever. I'll be helping run the CFCR pledge drive the next few weeks. Come on down and pledge to community radio. We're volunteer powered and donation driven...we offer programming in over 20 languages and play all genres of music. We have no agenda, other than playing home grown radio for the masses. We could use your help....:)

Off to the lab. Have a good day!


Unknown said…
Dogs really are the most loyal creatures on Earth. They’ll love you even if you are the most undeserving person in the entire universe. If you’re wondering what unconditional love looks like, go look for a dog. I’ve even read stories about dogs standing by their masters even long after they have passed away. I’ve read stories about dogs laying down their own lives to save their friends, even if their friends mean to take their own lives. They’ll share your pain, even if they don’t understand the kind of pain that you’re feeling. For better or for worse, you know that he’s always gonna be there for you.

Liza Bedoya

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