Poh Tay Toes

My Mom used to make riced potatoes when I was little - they're my Dad's favourite. They are a bit of a fuss as her wrists are weak, but she would make them as a treat. She wouldn't add any milk or butter to mash them...just as is with a bit of butter.
I tend to wax on about how I love riced potatoes more often than I thought, apparently, as when my brother was away last weekend he saw a potato ricer in a store and picked me up one.
What a guy. I'm so excited...
You can guess what I'm making for supper tomorrow :)


the Bag Lady said…
I have a potato ricer.... somewhere. It was my mom's. Haven't used it in forevah! Should dig it out, except that I hate cleaning it. (and with my luck, the Rancher would love riced potatoes, and I'd have to use it all the time!)

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