Seventy Sevens - Friday Favourites by default (can't get it out of my head!!!)

I've had this song in my head all day - thought I'd send it your way.

The 77s are a band from my youth that I still pull out every once in a while, blow off the dust and have a listen to. At times soulfull, at times just good solid rock & blues...full of sorrow and regret and joy. I keep trying to pick songs to link to, but I think you should track them down and have a listen for your self...
Drowning With Land in Sight and Pray Naked are two great albums, along with their live album....Mike Roe's solo stuff was rather good too...I was lucky enough to see them back in university-one of their last shows together before one of the band members passed away.

If you ever run across their albums in a used music store grab them...grab a beer and have a listen. They still put out stuff every once and a while, but as they are largely printing their own stuff, I've never had the change to pick any of it up...erhaps after today I will.

All I know is I'm counting the minutes until I can go home.
Have a good weekend all :)


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