Monday, July 06, 2009


I've noticed where I work that the summer, when I am not here consistently (I seem to take a few days off here and there over July and Aug for holidays), is when everyone has complicated and interesting projects to do...but that I often can't do with delays and interruptions like holidays. When I do take time off I am swamped in the interim. Yet my bosses all have time as they aren't teaching...
I'm currently very frustrated at trying to get all my work done around my holidays after only a few days off. I look like I'm lazy when it's actually just my lack of ability to bend space and time to my every whim that gets in the way of my successes.
Just because I have no life the rest of the year...:)
Add to that a buggered up knee (no clue what I did to it but it hurts) and you have a cranky me on a monday morning...


the Bag Lady said...

I loved that picture! It even made the Man in Black smile!! (He never looks at the computer - just happened along when I was reading your post)
Hope your knee feels better soon!

Pacian said...

I'm exactly the opposite. If it looks like I'm lazy... it just means you're observant.