Celebrate good times come on

Ah what a night :)

Last night we managed to get in to see Moses Mayes opening up for the one and only Kool and the Gang at the Jazz Festival. I've seen Moses Mayes before and they're super high energy funk and dance music...got everyone riled up....and then...Kool and the Gang. Mee hee...

Man - they know how to put on a show. They had the crowd dancing and singing and even pulled out moves and choreography - it was a really fun show. Very odd to *see* them singing songs I've heard on the stereo and radio since I was a wee sprog. Loved it :) They did Jungle Boogie...Celebration...all the hits. They seemed to be having a fantastic time along with the crowd. And the crowd was amazing...it's cool to go to shows where you see people from all ages strutting their funky stuff :)
And all this at the main stage in the Bessborough Hotel back gardens - our city's equivalent of a castle...the sort of place they just don't make anymore. In the back gardens at sunset... listening to legendary funk and soul. Seriously. Legendary. And I'm not just saying it. I'm TYPING it :)
Really great way to spend an evening :)

We have one last day with our company and we're going to make delicious pancakes and then hit the Jazz Festival for a final day of music and relaxing in the sunshine...can't wait. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said…
Glad you're having fun. I'm having a giddy weekend... LOL. :-)
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