Genuinely unusual

A friend of a friend of mine has had a baby boy...that's not the odd part.

His name?


Thing is, my actual name is rather common. I have 2 close friends with the same name (can be confusing and has led to the development of some nicknames for our sanity). I honestly never ever thought I'd know another Geo though...not unless it was my next cat or something equally obscure like that.

It's just all genuinely unusual...the me that is me in the wisps of neurons and widgets that is the webosphere now has a infantile partner in crime. And Geo couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. Add to the fact that one of his middle names is Jedi and he's either gonna be one very cool or very messed up kid. I'm hoping he settles for mildly eccentric...somewhere nicely in the middle :)


Anonymous said…
Do you think they might call him Diddums too? (She asked, hopefully).
the Bag Lady said…
Aww - a namesake! How special! :)
Pacian said…
Now you just need Geo to grow up to look like a cat wearing headphones.

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