Rain rain go away...

I've finally got good rain gear.
Seeing as it's been a wet crappy spring I thought I'd better have it for camping...you know, the old "if I bring it then I won't need it" idea. Hope it works.
Right now it's pouring, but it's supposed to dry up and be warm all weekend. I can only hope.

It's been a "fun" few days of working ~12 hours at work and then come home and bake and then play "find the thing" while gathering our gear up.
I need to get away and dance in the woods for a few days...away from work, pestering people and the like...just relax in the sun with no worries except where to sit on the sunniest patch on the riverbank.


the Bag Lady said…
I hope it's sunny and warm for your camping trip, and that all the rain gear you take will remain in the unopened packages! :)

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