The very definition of irony

Today while working I managed to spill a toxic chemical (3,3-diaminobenzidine if you must know) all over a happy orange tshirt covered in flowers and peace very wrong.
I spent the rest of the day wearing my ratty old scrub shirt I keep tucked away in my desk for such occasions...I was very aware of the irony.

But on the plus side, after doing 2 days work in one day (sheesh), all I have to do is crunch some data now that I'm home in the comfort of my own home and can put m work brain in a box as I'm done working for 2 whole wonderful weeks. I just had to post to celebrate my victory after setting up our new modem from our cable provider...I just got it working after I mucked with it last time and, I didn't want to muss with seems to work better than the old one actually. J is working so I have time to catch up on the mundane things like this.
Ah, I'm avoiding my numbers...should go. Time for some nibbles, a fizzy drink and some ELISA data.
Swinging friday night wouldn't you say?


grapecat said…
you know how to party!
Have a great holiday - sounds wonderful :)
the Bag Lady said…
Enjoy your two weeks holiday! This is the renovation holiday, is it?

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