Happiness is a warm Geek

Since my knee has been healing from it's random damages and I'm not yet able to do morning workouts (just worked up to biking to work so far) I've taken to lazily eating a bowl of cereal sprawled on the living room floor up on my elbows while reading the news on my lappy before heading out in the mornings. Geek hovers, as he knows he can lick the cereal bowl when I'm done.

This morning as I typed, the Geek walked in front of my face between me and the keyboard (very common) but instead of doing the "hey hey ignore that-look at me!" thing he began to purr very loudly and turned about in a circle to snuggle in a big furry ball, resting his chin on my arm in the little cavity between me and the floor. I stopped surfing and hugged him and had a nice 10 minute purry cat snuggle fest (Geek pillow!), while Gavin snuck in and licked the cereal bowl. Geek didn't even move to defend his precious milk bowl - he just stayed with me, all squinty and purry. I stayed until I realised I had to leave or I'd be late for work.

It was a very nice way to start my day...all warm and fuzzy :)


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