Get out of bed! No time for napping...

I was watching Pee Wees Playhouse on BBC Kids the other night in a fit of boredom and *man*'s even weirder than I remember. J loved it when he was little, but it was a bit too much for me at times...although my brother loved it. My Dad has a general dislike for cartoons and kids programming and he could not stand the show-for a man who didn't like Flinstones or Scoobie Doo, this was WAY too much of pretty much everything :). Just watching the intro got the theme song in my head for's still there.
Damn it.

It makes me want to have a special word of the day today.
The word is "research".
Remember to scream and yell kiddies when you hear it today!


Magnus said…
My Dad doesn't understand cartoons unless they are something along the lines of Fantasia. I've caught him off guard with the Simpsons, but he quickly clams up and refuses to acknowledge the merit of cartoons. Must be a generational thing.
Rimshot said…
Eight letter word meaning "the collecting of information about a particular subject". Rhymes with 'Greek Church'
Magnus said…
Sikh Birch?
Pacian said…
I really enjoyed the Tim Burton film, but I had no idea. o_O
True story.

My husband got disgusted and turned off the Pee Wee's Big Adventure DVD I rented for the kids and said that it was ridiculous and he didn't want it corroding the brains of our kids.


The movie is still one of my top 20 favorites. :)

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