Friday, April 25, 2008

I can't come to work. I have the ennui...

To try and shake my funk, here is a current update on my current life...currently.

Current clothes: Jeans, brown belt, green Maybe Smith band shirt, green fuzzy hoodie, superstars, black specs

Current mood: I have the ennui. I feel like staring out the window all day...but have no window. So I'm just getting on with a meme.

Current music: Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin

Current annoyance: Winter. It just won't end. The snow is melting away AGAIN but it's still bitterly windy.

Current thing: Staring at my navel. Seriously. I bought a few belly rings a while back and keep changing them out. And realising I need to do some situps...

Current desktop picture: A picture of a family that is happy because they eat lard. It's an old 50s ad.

Current book: Just finished Neverwhere by Neil Gaman. Love that man...I'm hunting for another book to start. Any ideas?

Current song in head: Cold Brains by Beck. No idea why.

Current DVD in player: Season 3 disc 1 of 6 Feet Under. The first 2 episodes we've seen really don't grip me. They're odd characters but I think BSG has ruined most TV for me...I expect a lot now.

Current refreshment: Just finished a cup of coffee.

Current worry: I'm going to look at wood blinds for the living room tomorrow. I've always wanted ones...and to have some that match the big wood beam in our house would be cool. I'll sniffle if they cost too much tho. They're on sale so I'm hoping we can swing nice.

Current thought: I've got the urge to do something, but don't know what. I have a list of things I want to start as long as my arm but I just can't bring myself to start any of them. Suppose I"ll put them all on paper in a hat and just pick one and get at it. Perhaps that'll banish the ennui...


the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady can definitely relate to the ennui...she has it, too. Must be weather-related. But take heart, this can't last forever. In fact, it is starting to warm up a little here now, although the wind has started up again, but I think it's coming from the southwest now. And our weather usually becomes your weather in a day or so!

Rimshot said...

That word is following me!