Thursday, April 10, 2008

Curses! My plans for world domination with my monkey army are thwarted yet again!

Another reason why my job rocks:

Today, while setting up an experiment, I noticed the following words on the user instructions/safety info sheet for a research item I am using:

"This product is not compatible with monkeys"

How awesome is that?
I can honestly say I've never seen that before on any technical literature or manual of anything else I've ever done...anywhere.
If I took the time to explain why it was there it might lull you to sleep, or at least take the humour out of just do what I did - think about it and giggle for a few minutes before getting on with things.

I'm a happy camper.
I'm doing lab work today. Aaaah....:)
Sure my plans with my mobile monkey ninja army have been setback somwhat...but I shall prevail.
Alternate plans of invasion are afoot...


Rimshot said...

Mobile Lemur Ninja Army?

Or perhaps

Mobile Sloth Samurai Army?

diddums said...

My two kittens here would be suitably active campaigners. They say 'just say the word!'

Magnus said...

What about blobby monkey pancakes?

the Bag Lady said...

That is too cool. The Bag Lady has never gotten to use anything that warned against compatibility with monkeys. Sigh.

Corey said...

All monkey disclaimers are enjoyable:
Do not use monkeys while driving.
Monkeys may contain nuts.
Some monkeys may be closer than they appear.
Monkey side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and poop flinging.

Triss Teh said...
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Triss Teh said...

A monkey saved is a monkey eraned.
Monkeys don't kill people guns kill people. Actually monkeys can kill people too: if they have a gun.