Impudence. Won't you come out to play?

You know what?
I had a lovely weekend.
We were supposed to go to Banff, but the weather was horrid and driving conditions were nasty so we stayed home...driving through the mountain roads in a blizzard is not my idea of a good time. We stayed home and relaxed...went out to a great dance party saturday night and ordered in chinese food sunday. I am so very mellow from a relaxing weekend reading, drinking tea and snuggling on the couch, listening to the new Orb album (which is very good BTW). It was nice...not at all what we planned, but, as it turned out, exactly what we needed.

Gotta to close off is a sweet photo of my two little nieces together from the weekend. Are they not adorable? :)


Rimshot said…

Makes my uterus hurt... wait, no... I don't have one of those.
the Bag Lady said…
Very cute!
It was nasty weather here, too, but no time for snuggling on the couch! The cows have decided it's time to start having babies...
Beautiful subject line. I want to hear someone sing it.
I never display qualities of impudence but I'm frequently inprudence because I'm a prude.

Prudely Yours,
Your nieces are both super adorable!

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