Tuesday, April 08, 2008


So yeah...apparently spent all of yesterday with a small hole worn in my pants at work...either noone noticed, noone looks at my butt there (thank god) or they couldn't bring themselves to say anything (horrified at the occasional glimpse of my posterier).
J pointed it out when I got home.

Yup, I'm a scientist.
I feel so very very dumb.

I'm off to hide under a bag...that goes down past my butt.


Rimshot said...

More likely is that nobody wanted to tell you because then they couldn't peek at your bum.

Magnus said...

Embarrassing is runnibf from the bathroom to assist a major first aid and then later discovering that your fly was completely zipped, shirt tucked in a sticking outthrough part of it and everyone in the vicinity can tell you what colour underwear you have on.
Add to that the patient passed out as part of her period. (and yes, we still advused her to see a doctor immediately)

the Bag Lady said...

Oh dear - that's what you get for being so darned busy - don't even have time to check out the clothing you are wearing! (If it were winter, the excuse could be that you got dressed in the dark....)

Corey said...

I too had a mysterious small hole worn through the front of my favourite jeans. I said "What da what" to that. Where did this come from? What would have cause it? Why oh why on the most important night of my big day do I have a hole in my pants?