Thursday, April 24, 2008

Critters abound

There are thousands of birds back from their winter lands. If I had a bird paranoia I'd be inside and covering my head a lot - it really is like the Hitchcock bird thing...*magnified* in number.
Seriously...there were over a thousand robins and sparrows flying about whirling clouds in the neighborhood last night while I was talking on the phone (yes I counted each and every one...). On my run this morning down by the river there are dozens of ducks and geese back on the river already and everywhere I looked there were clusters of fat little robins seed hunting in the rising sunlight. Even the crochety pair of geese that live under the bridge every year and come out to hiss at you when you run by without stopping to feed them (oh the nerve of me and my not having breadcrumbs!) are's so odd and wonderful to see and hear so many birds in the neighborhood. I even saw a bluejay this morning. The bats are back too...I've seen them fluttering about at dusk trying to snack on the clouds of mayflies by the weir.

Critters! :)


grapecat said...

Like seeing friends, isn't it? We saw our first swifts on the weekend - up from their African winter...We get bats here too - tiny little ones that swoop around the point of the oast - it's way too cold from them yet though. Can't wait - summer - yay!

Magnus said...

BTW, you know of any bee places out there? I want to see bees.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Yesterday we drove through a whirling maelstrom of birds, but they were mostly seagulls and blackbirds chasing the schoolchildren. The schoolchildren were completely oblivious, and I wonder if they think there are always that number of birds hanging around.

Geosomin said...

Hmmm...I know there is always at east one person selling honey at the farmers market so ther ehas to be a bee farm not too far away.
My uncle kept bees as a hobby when I was little. He was very allergic so he finally stopped, but it was rather neat to see. It takes away your fear of bees and wasps to see so many at once.
Last night, wh ile I made supper, there were at least 14 robins in our many birds this week! :)