What not to say to a guy digging a trench in 30 degree wather

I kid you not. One of our friends said all these to J today as he struggled to dig a trench in the side of our yard to bury a pipe to drain water away from our window that always floods when it rains (Not offering to help is fine, whatever, but this...?). We decided to take it a few feet a day for the next week or so...it's gravelly soil full of tree roots and impossible to do more than a few feet without wanting to throw your shovel. Not that we did or anything. Nope. But we did stop. (And I'd like to clarify that I helped move gravel...)

And so I present a list of things NOT to say to your friends as he digs a trench in 30 degree weather:

-wow, your new career is a ditch digger now huh?
-Sure looks like hard work
-Wow that must really suck
-I dug a trench once and it was crappy work
-I'm glad it's you and not me
-Wow if you only had (insert random tool here) you could do this way easier and faster
-So how long do you think it will be, I have to go meet my parents for supper
-various snickers
...well, you get the idea. This is just a brief sampling.

Right now, I'm thinking our friend is a bit of an ass.
But give me a shower and a hot meal and I'll be a little more level.
Just had to vent there.
Ah...much better.


Magnus said…
How about this one: "Well, you know if you two would just buckle under and have kids you could have put them to work doing this instead."
Magnus said…
But a cool smartass...

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