Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What I need

At a prompting I found on Diddums blog I tried typing in "my name needs" (well not "my name" but my know, my actual see...oh you get the idea...) in to Google and did a search to let it tell me what I need.
Apparentnly, the first 10 things that I need are (in no particular order, capitals emphasis and italics all a la Google):

-I Need Men...Now!
-I need to go rambling
-I need two therapists
-I need to start wearing a brassiere (I'd like to clarify that I already do)
-I need a childhood
-I need VEGGIES!
-I need to jump out them blue jeans and show you my butt (not gonna happen)
-I need to acquire data from the client, understand the client's needs & report these needs to the solution designer
-I need to stick with my career as a country artist
-I need to access information ubiquitously to provide answers

As for J, well:
-J needs a home where he is the only child or the other siblings are male
-J needs snow
-J needs redemption
-J needs to "get on with his sh*t"
-Jay needs to sharpen his sarcasm
-J needs a redname
-J needs new shades
-J needs a rookie challenge
-J needs to approach music with an open mind

Who knew?