Blah blah blah meme blah blah blah.

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to be on holidays but wasn't yet. She sat and thought as she worked about all she would do and what was left to be done before she left. Then she sighed and filled out a meme before getting back at her work...

Current attire: painful shoes (I have blisters on my little toes), jean skirt, black tank and blue dress shirt with a necklace and black specs.
Current mood: Tired and a bit mopy.
Current music: "Porcelain" by Moby
Current annoyance: That when money is tight and I'm stressed about it things always break down...the dryer, my hair dryer, our dishwasher is acting up. Yet when things are good and no worries everything runs fine. Why is that?
Current thing: Making food for camping. I believe I've gone crazy with it but it'll be yummy.
Current Song in my head: Jam for the Ladies by Moby
Current video in player: my exercise ball tape
Current DVD in player: Six Feet Under season 2 disc 3.
Current refreshment: water and coffee.
Current worry: Will Jay get the job he's applied for and has an interview for when we get back? I hope so...I really do. Really. I do.
Current thought: How is it that you can look into the face of someone you've know for years and not recognise them? Can people change that much? Or is it the looker that has changed?

Songs that make me happy:
Everloving by Moby
Go by Lemon Jelly
Hey Boy Hey Girl by the Chemical Brothers

Things that make me happy:
Sunshine on the river
Waking up to my husband smiling at me as I sleep

Three things I'm thankful for:
my job
that I have people who love me...and that I don't have to do everything myself.


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